Dr Randal Haworth


Dr. Randal Haworth is most passionate about the specialty of Rhinoplasty including Primary and Revision Rhinoplasty. He not only finds it immensely gratifying to invent solutions for challenging problems, he likes the “feel” of the surgery – the intricate interplay between the skin, cartilage and bone. This passion creates a motivation to discover new, exciting nuances in techniques. Even after 16 years in private practice and performing thousands of challenging procedures in Beverly Hills and as far afield as Middle East, Europe and South East Asia, Dr. Haworth strives for better results with each procedure.

Dr. Haworth is renowned for his results because his goal is to impart the impression one was actually born with the ideal nose others would envy. In general too, nose surgery has become significantly more sophisticated than in generations past, resulting in far more subtle, natural outcomes than ever before. Not only does he build the ideal nose in terms of projection, angles, shape and size but then he methodically erases most evidence that surgery has been performed in the first place by employing advanced surgical maneuvers.

These breakthroughs include:
One size does not fit all: Top rhinoplasty surgeons employ modern suturing and grafting techniques in accordance with patients' goals and particular anatomy. Not only is the placement of each suture critical but also is the force with which it is tied. Dr. Haworth says, "Great surgery is measured in millimeters, not centimeters, but in the case of rhinoplasty surgery it is more accurately measured in fractions of a millimeter!"

Even though a high level of technical skill is needed to translate intention into form with rhinoplasty surgery, an artistic vision with keen aesthetic sensibility is necessary to allow a result to transcend from good to great. This is why I am so passionate about performing rhinoplasty - I consider it a constant challenge, prompting me to always critically evaluate myself and become better at what I do.

Greater appreciation of the potential problems: From performing thousands of rhinoplasty procedures, Dr. Haworth is well aware of situations (such as nasal obstruction) which may arise after certain surgical methods. Consequently, he takes into account such possibilities and knows how to avoid them with specific surgical moves.

State-of-the-art technology: Uncomfortable "packing the nose" after surgery used to be standard post-operating procedure. This isn't necessarily true anymore. Dr. Haworth's patients' postoperative experiences are better than ever in terms of comfort and healing.