Why Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty can be used for a wide range of adjustments in the shape of your nose. It can increase or decrease the size, alter the tip or bridge or nostrils, or even modify the angle between your nose and upper lip. Rhinoplasty is not only useful for aesthetic purposes, but can be used for more practical and essential corrections. In the hands of a Beverly Hills rhinoplasty expert such as Dr. Haworth, nasal birth defects, injuries and even breathing complications can be resolved.

Dr. Haworth makes a point of serving each individual patient's needs and defining overall expectations from any plastic surgery procedure. As Dr. Haworth states in his blog, “Plastic surgery will not make you happy, but it can make you happier.” The best candidates for rhinoplasty procedures are:

  • At least 14 years old for young women, 16 for young men
  • Older patients with a nose that has started to hang or with an increasingly drooping tip
  • Patients who have a congenitally crooked nose or one that has been deviated because of trauma
  • Those who suffer from nasal obstruction from a anatomical problem of the nose
  • Those who need to correct a cleft lip-nasal deformity
  • Patients with realistic expectations about how they want their nose to be changed in shape and size to complement their other facial features
  • Those with nasal skin which is neither too thick or too thin
  • Those with unsatisfactory functional results in breathing or nasal airflow due to tissue damage or undesirable healing

Dr. Haworth can create noses ranging from the classically attractive and elegant to the "California Cute" nose, both of which require different techniques. Sometimes one or the other aesthetically accompanies a face more appropriately, similar to an integral instrument in a world class orchestra! First, Dr. Haworth analyzes the nose to formulate a surgical plan. Second, in the operating room, he strives to not only reshape it into a beautiful feature but also artistically scale it to the rest of the face.

Dr. Haworth's primary goal – as it is with any procedure he performs – is to balance the features to look perfectly natural...and naturally perfect. Consequently, it is not uncommon to combine surgical procedures for optimum results.

Chin implant — By far and away the most common procedure done in conjunction with nasal surgery is a chin implant. This is because the nose and chin are the most prominent features of the face in profile and when the two are balanced in size and shape, facial harmony is greatly enhanced. This is a classic example of the final result being greater than the sum of its individual parts.

Face and/or Neck Lift — With age, in addition to sagging in the lower half of the face, the nose can grow larger, more bulbous or begin to droop at the tip. Therefore, a combination rhinoplasty plus facelift is superb in restoring more pleasing, proportional features.

Lip Lift — Dr. Haworth is unique among rhinoplasty specialists because he is also a pioneer in the lip lift surgeries, having developed his own signature lip lift techniques. Often, a lip lift in conjunction with a rhinoplasty offers a more pleasing result because in frontal view, facial harmony and youthful appearance are greatly heightened.